Kol HaNearim Jerusalem Marathon 2018

" Its easier to believe in yourself when others believe in you."


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At Kol Hanearim, everything is FTK—For The Kids. During the summer and throughout the school year, we work to change the lives of Israel’s children at risk. Our dedicated volunteers build lasting bonds with hundreds of children and instill within each of them the confidence they need to grow from vulnerable receivers into successful givers. Through summer camps, carnivals, shabbatons and more, all taking place at our four children's homes--Neve Michael, Achuzat Sara, Afula, and Talpiot--we offer camaraderie and support in each child’s journey towards a brighter future.

This March, our Jerusalem Marathon team aims to take our mission a step further by busing in over 150 children at risk to run with us through the streets of Jerusalem, stride-for-stride. Once the race concludes, our kids will benefit from our “Fund a Passion” campaign. When a child has a hobby (such as guitar, dance, or drawing), he has something to be proud of, something productive to work on each day, and another reason to believe in his own self-worth. However, most at-risk children lack the basic resources to become fully invested in his/her particular interest. By funding music instructors, art teachers, and soccer/basketball coaches to come to children’s homes and run clinics, our children will be growing and smiling even when volunteers aren’t around.   

With your partnership, we will turn an average children’s home into a beacon of optimism.

Welcome to the KH team!

Changing the world, one child at a time. SUMMER 2017 RECAP ^^^ 









487 supporters

$50,000 goal

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