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Help a First Responder Today!

Did you know that a First Responder commits Suicide Every Single Day?  THAT IS 365 US First Responders EACH YEAR!!  Their suicide rate is 30-40% greater than that of the general population!  But, we don't hear about it because they are Heroes, and Heroes are not supposed to show weakness, but they are only Human and ITS OUR TURN TO SAVE THEM!  

Your donation will help us open our Exclusive Peer to Peer Rehab for First Responders to heal from PTSD, Mental Health Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and SUICIDE IDEATION!   Our Goal is to scholarship every client so they do not need to worry about the cost, and instead take the time they need to heal in confidence. WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOU AND SEND BLESSINGS YOUR WAY!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!


Organized by Exclusively First Responders
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 85-3648168
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