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First Responder Blitz: Flag Football Fun for a Cause

First Responders Annual Flag Football Bowl


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Organized by Project Impact 180



First Responders Annual Bowl

Saturday, November 11th, 11:00 AM CST

In Person

Live Stream

Add to Calendar 2023-11-11 11:00:00 America/Chicago First Responders Annual Bowl

This event will be livestreamed on our Givebutter page: https://givebutter.com/FirstResponders
<br> 500 S Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60644, USA

This event will be livestreamed on our Givebutter page: https://givebutter.com/FirstResponders


Join the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department, and Hospital Emergency Staff in a heart-pounding event, the First Responders Bowl, to make a real impact on the mental health of Chicago's  youth living on the Westside.  This exciting initiative supports Project Impact 180,  a community-based leadership and mentoring program that  focuses on the mental well-being of the next generation through our "Every Kid Outdoors" program                                                                                .V9DhxIJrOKIaYHUdunsFVeq97EJeDUXGumiV4Ycr.jpg

Today's children face a crisis - the average American child spends  about 5-8 hours a day in front of a screen and about 4 to 7 minutes a day playing outside , leading to what experts have termed "Nature Deficit Disorder." The consequences are alarming: reduced attention spans, diminished physical activity, and increased anxiety. That's why supporting youth's connection with nature is so crucial.

Our Every Kid Outdoors Initiative encourages non-digital activities like  sports, family nights, hiking, camping, creative writing, painting, rock climbing, and kayaking. By providing opportunities for youth from high-crime communities to experience the great outdoors, we help them see life through a different lens. Many of these kids haven't had the chance to explore beyond their neighborhoods and classrooms.

This initiative fosters a deep love for nature, creating lifelong memories.

Why should our kids go outside? Research shows that outdoor play:

1. Builds Confidence: Outdoor activities help children develop self-assurance, resilience, and problem-solving skills.

2. Teaches Responsibility: Taking care of the environment and themselves instills a sense of responsibility.

3. Gets Kids Moving: Outdoor play promotes physical fitness, reducing the risk of childhood obesity.

4. Reduces Stress and Fatigue: Nature has a calming effect, reducing stress and mental fatigue.

5. Stimulates Thinking: Outdoor experiences enhance cognitive abilities and creativity.

6. Improves General Mood: Exposure to nature boosts overall mood and happiness.

7. Reduces ADHD Symptoms: Time spent outdoors can alleviate symptoms of ADHD.

8. Raises Natural Anti-Depressant Levels: Sunlight and fresh air boost serotonin, helping combat depression.

By participating in the First Responders Bowl, you're not just enjoying a thrilling event but also making a profound difference in the lives of young people. Let's come together to support their mental health, nurture their love for the great outdoors, and create a brighter future.


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3 weeks 1 day remaining

Project Impact 180

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