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Entrata Fosters Family Connection in San Diego!


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Organized by Utah Foster Care


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Making lemonade out of lemons...

After COVID-19 restrictions forced Utah-based tech company Entrata to cancel its training conference in San Diego, it was left on the hook for hundreds of unused hotel rooms and several days of banquet food budget.

Looking to turn this situation into an opportunity to give back to the community, the company has partnered with Utah Foster Care to provide a much needed vacation for local foster families in sunny San Diego. The foster care system is near and dear to Entrata, as its CRO, Chris Harrington, grew up in the system and has spent much of his life working to give back and provide opportunities for children just like him.

Trauma-Healing Connection

Family connection is incredibly important and healing for children who’ve experienced trauma due to abuse and neglect, and this opportunity provides the means for families who otherwise would not have been able to make such a trip happen.

We need your help.

Entrata has families' hotel and food covered. We need your help to get them there! Donations go towards gas cards and passes to the San Diego Zoo!

Read more about this event and Chris Harrington's story here.

To learn more about becoming a foster parent, visit utahfostercare.org/become-a-foster-parent.


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24 Supporters

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