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Supporting our move to a bigger space means more room to share your heart with more kids experiencing foster care


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The HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL End of Year campaign is now closed and we can't thank all of the wonderful donors enough.

If you would still like to make a donation to Foster Love project - please click here.

We appreciate each and every donor and look forward to sharing our story with you all in the future.

Foster Love Project wraps around and walks with foster children and the families that care for them.

Your donation today impacts the lives of foster children in so many ways - our video gives you a peek into some of those ways.


Children are the heart of Foster Love Project’s mission. When we learn of the hurt, trauma, stress and anxiety that foster children face every day, we want to do our part to provide every possible support. Donations over the past 6 years have ensured that Foster Love Project has helped over 12,000 kids in foster care, with transition bags, car seats, clothing, toys, products, in-person and virtual retreats, mentoring, hair care training, Back-To-School fun and so much more. With your support, the overnight bag idea has grown into a full-fledged non-profit organization that is expanding its horizons into a new location.

YES - we are moving in 2021! The larger space will ensure that we reach more children impacted by foster care, more kids mental health will be positively changed, more children can meet with adult mentors who have walked in their shoes as foster kids and more children will be able to experience respect and to walk out of our new home with dignity and love.



Volunteers are the hard working back bone of the organization. We average over 800 volunteers every year - we can not operate without every one of the trusted, caring, giving, loving people who come to the donation center every week. Sharing personal experiences with you ensures you truly understand how your donation makes an impact on the lives of children entering foster care. Take a moment to hear some of the experiences and thoughts of foster/adoptive parents and current volunteer board members, Emily and Bruce Thornton.

The real story...

"When you first becomes a foster parent, before you get a placement, you really have no idea what you are doing. I mean, sure you are trained, and told what to expect. But, if you are like us and are actually getting a sibling group on your front door at midnight on a school night as your first placement, you have no idea what to do. The kids showed up extremely dirty, one with no shoes, one literally covered in mud head to toe. The kids are scared, as brand new foster parents, we were scared. What was the only shining light to the night? When the social worker showed up with placement bags from Foster Love Project. Each child got their special bag. It was as if the bags were hand picked for each child. One child found a stuffed animal from her favorite cartoon, another was so excited for clean PJ's, every child was beside themselves that they got things of their own immediately." A foster mom recently wrote these words of support in a letter for a grant request - we thought it important to share the impact of your dollars with you. The bag drive was the seed that started Foster Love Project and we celebrate its 6th year - celebrate and support us this year and be a part of the circle that envelopes foster children to ensure that they walk through life with dignity and self-respect.


Bag Drive

Foster Love Project is able to fulfill our mission based on donations by wonderful people, just like you. Our first bag drive goal of 300 transition bags, was overwhelmingly supported with over 1,300 bags! We are in Transition Bag Drive mode right now - click here for details of how you can support us this year.


Angel Tree

Angel Tree is your opportunity to enjoy the Christmas spirit and purchase a personally requested gift for a child who is impacted by foster care.  Click here to look at the Wish List and make a foster child's Christmas wish come true.



Whether you choose to donate financially, to donate time by volunteering or donate items of need - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Foster Love Project wraps around you, your family and all foster families and we wish you a wonderful end to the year - and a bright and beautiful entrance into 2021. Thanks again!

Campaign Closed


422 supporters

$75,000 goal

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