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100% of donated funds will go directly to Black womxn in need.

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About the Four Women Fund:

The Four Women Fund was created by Black womxn in service of Black womxn. This fund offers financial support by giving money directly to Black womxn who, due to COVID-19 and the United States’ current political climate, are experiencing severe financial need. 

We acknowledge that Black womxn’s economic struggles are not necessarily new, but have been exacerbated by our current health, economic, and political climate. For far too long, Black womxn have suffered from severe inequities including discriminatory health care systems, income inequality, and a number of other unjust socio-economic conditions. This fund was created to fight against these systems by giving money directly to Black womxn; thereby, allowing them to gain access to what they critically need rather than relying on organizations to decide for them. 

This fund was created by Blk Girl Culture, an online community of Black womxn and girls. This fund is an extension of the BGC  platform. Our fund's board is made up entirely of Black womxn who will assess each application and decide individual grant amounts based upon need.  The Four Women Fund's board includes our founder, Makeen Zachery,  Zoe Jackson, and Hawa Sall.

We’ve distributed $10,000+ directly to Black womxn in need.

With your help, we’ve been able to assist 30+ Black Womxn in need. 100% of our awardees are Black womxn/gender non conforming. 57% of our awardees are LGBTQ+. Learn more about the needs we've been able to assist on our website

Who Can Apply for Funds and How:

Black womxn in the United States, especially those who identify as LGBTQ+, are encouraged to apply.

The Four Women Fund is focused on providing assistance to Black womxn who are:

  1. Unemployed
  2. Experiencing housing insecurity/homelessness.
  3. Have limited access to food and/or medicine. 
  4. Those with financial dependents under their care. 

The first round of applications opened after the fund received a total of $2,000 in donations. The first round of applications is now closed for review. Awards are granted based on available funding and approved applications.

To apply for funding, complete this form.


Last updated 8/5/20 

We anticipate having multiple application rounds. These rounds shall be determined upon available funds. We will announce the closing of application rounds once it has been determined that we have received more than a sufficient number of applications based on the availability of resources. This will allow ample time for our board to thoroughly review each application.

After the awardees of one round have been identified and funded, we will announce the opening of the next round. Awards are grants based on available funding and approved applications.

How Funds Will Be Distributed:

100% of donated funds will go directly to Black womxn in need.  The Board of the Four Women Fund has established a framework that will be used to assess each applicant’s status. Awards of up to $500 will be distributed on the basis of need and availability of funds.

We will work directly with awardees to identify a payment method that best suits their needs.

As awards are granted, we will provide updates on @BlkGirlCulture’s social channels on how funds have been distributed. While we will not reveal the identities of our donors or recipients, we are committed to updating those who’ve generously donated on who we’ve helped.

For more information, visit the Blk Girl Culture website. For any questions or inquiries, reach us at [email protected]

Artwork by: D.R Design

Women pictured in the art left to right: Ashanti Carmon, Audre Lorde, Nina Simone, Sandra Bland.

The Four Women Fund is a newly formed initiative specifically designed to provide assistance to those with severe economic need. We understand that our initiative is not designed to fulfill all needs, but we deeply believe that every bit helps. We encourage everyone to actively participate and find ways to enhance and empower their community. 


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