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In 2020, we met unimaginable challenges with strength and fearlessness. We dared forward - creating and sharing the work of Elizabeth Streb in new ways; elevating joy, collaboration, and passion; and empowering our community of students and fans around the world - all through our expanded digital offerings. As we look forward, we know that the creativity, flexibility, and courage that helped us reimagine our work, place, and purpose this year will lie at the heart of how we will continue to innovate and activate our programming to meet the future with audacity and vitality. We move boldly forward, as well, with an increased sense of activism around how we can better strive towards equity and justice and advance our mission as an anti-racist organization. But we need your help...

Donate to STREB’s Future Forward Fund today - your gift will help catapult us into our next chapter of innovation and action. A gift in any amount will be deeply meaningful and will allow us to:

STRIVE fearlessly forward

TRANSFORM to meet new challenges

REIMAGINE a daring future

EMPOWER more people

BUILD a stronger, braver community 

To arrange a donation by check, wire or stock transfers, or to give at the $15,000 "Extreme Action Hero" Level and above, please contact [email protected].



91 supporters

$125,000 goal

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