Max needs dialysis to save his life!

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1/2/21 update: Max has taken a turn for the worse. He's now at the 4th vet and there was discussion via conference call this afternoon as to what to do for him. Shane made the decision not to give up on Max and ARTBAR fully supports his decision. Max is being rushed into surgery. Prayers are needed as well as donations! Dialysis has not been done and now may not be needed. We will be using Max's donations to pay for his vet bill regardless of what the vet needs to do for him.


Max is currently dying...
...because he needs dialysis.

Left abandoned in Charleston WV by owners that moved away, Max was found unable to move and near death on December 21st.

Max is not an ARTBAR dog, we can’t afford him but Shane Snyder an ARTBAR volunteer is doing everything he can to save him. ARTBAR is trying to help Shane with fundraising.

Max needs $8000 for dialysis. He is hospitalized at Virginia Tech. It’s a lot of money but is it worth Max having to die over? I know times are tough but please dig deep to help Max. 

Time is slipping away. Please help us help Shane save Max's life.

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16 supporters

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