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While all people have inalienable human rights to clean water & air, a safe climate and healthy environments, here in the United States we do not actually have this right. Our State and Federal constitutions recognize rights to free speech and religion, due process and gun rights, but they do not include environmental rights.

As a result, people are drinking contaminated water, breathing dirty air, and being increasingly harmed by the ravages of climate change. Our current system of laws also allows for the repeated, disproportionate targeting of communities of color, Indigenous communities, and low-income communities for environmental pollution and degradation.

Green Amendments For The Generations is working to change that. We are seeking to advance positive, transformational change in the Bill of Rights section of our state Constitutions through the power of Green Amendments.

Green Amendments recognize and protect the inherent rights of ALL - regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status & including future generations - to pure water, clean air, a safe climate and healthy environments.

Only three states have constitutional protections for environmental rights - Pennsylvania, Montana, and New York - and in those states Green Amendments are making powerful impacts.

Green Amendments For the Generations is inspiring and motivating people across the nation to seek and secure constitutional protections for their environmental rights. Since we started this movement, we have inspired the proposal of Green Amendments in 15 states. Now we need your support to cross the finish line!

By making a donation today, and by sharing the Green Amendment message with others, you are joining a nationwide movement to recognize and protect environmental rights.


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