Giving Their Glam Back Inc.

Giving Their Glam Back Inc.

Meet Selena Polgardy known as “Glam By Selena", a remarkable makeup and paramedical tattoo artist who is not only talented in the art of cosmetics but also possesses a heart of gold. Selena's journey begins with overcoming personal struggles, including enduring bullies, a harrowing domestic abuse relationship at a young age, and battling an eating disorder that led her down a dark path trying to hold up to society's “standards”.

However, Selena's resilience and unwavering determination transformed her trauma into a catalyst for change.

Today, she passionately gives back to the community by selflessly donating her exceptional skills and services to those in need, offering and gifting her services to individuals who have been through traumatic experiences and medical conditions. Selena's nonprofit organization enables people, through paramedical art and makeup artistry, to overcome the physical and emotional challenges they faced.

Selena's program strives to empower and uplift individuals who have also faced hardships. Through her makeup and paramedical tattoo artistry, Selena helps survivors of domestic abuse, cancer, accident related abnormalities, alopecia, self harm scars, and more reclaim their bodies, covering scars (both body and mind) and reminding them of their resilience and strength.

Her makeup artistry is equally impactful, providing individuals with a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem. Selena understands firsthand the transformative power of these seemingly small gestures, and she pours her heart and soul into every stroke of her brush and machines.

By utilizing her own experiences, Selena fosters an environment of support, empathy, and understanding. She serves not only as an exceptional artist but also as a trusted confidante, offering solace and guidance to those who may still be navigating their own healing processes. Selena's journey serves as a testament to the healing power of art and self-expression, and she strives to use her platform to advocate for mental health and raise awareness about the prevalence of cancer, domestic abuse, eating disorders, and the power of a positive mindset.

Selena's dedication to her craft and her unwavering commitment to helping others has made her a true beacon of hope and inspiration. Her program is a testament to the remarkable capacity of individuals to rise above adversity and use their talents to foster positive change. In honoring her own journey, Selena continues to exemplify compassion, resilience, fearlessness, and the extraordinary ability of art to heal wounds both seen and unseen.

Through her nonprofit organization “Giving Their Glam Back”, Selena reaches those who otherwise would not have access to paramedical tattoo art and makeup services due to cost constraints or other challenges. Selena’s commitment to serving through her art is admirable, tackling a niche that very few are trained and adept in. Through her nonprofit, she is making a genuine difference in the lives of those she serves, inspiring hope, and helping them transition back into their day-to-day lives with a more positive outlook.

With your support, Selena aims to provide Gifted services including, Paramedical Services, Human Hair Grade Wigs, Glam Classes, Care Packages, and GLAM Dream Wishes to individuals in need, including women, men, and children.

“My goal is to provide, inspire, and help those afflicted experience their best lives. I am excited to use my work as a makeup and paramedical artist to help the broader community. We hope you can join us in our sole mission of building remarkable human lives through empowerment, transition, and service".

“You Are Bigger Than Your Battle Wounds.”

-Glam By Selena

Organized by Giving Their Glam Back Inc.
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