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Help Kennedy-King College Students Dream BIGGER and Do Greater

Our goal at Kennedy-King College has always been to serve our students' needs and help them achieve their educational and career endeavors. In doing so, we have become more than just a College, but a place where our community can dream bigger. When students attend Kennedy-King College, they don't only attend classes to obtain knowledge; they also gain access to a dynamic team of faculty and staff who will support their academic progress, promote their social and emotional growth and inspire them to reach higher and do greater.

Kennedy-King College students are resilient; they continue to push forward despite many obstacles. Our students know that through education and career training opportunities, they can change their lives and impact the lives of others both in their family and in their community.

Your Gift can help KKC students with Basic Needs

Before the current pandemic, many KKC students already faced food and home insecurities. We are working to tackle this problem by permanently opening a food pantry that provides students in need with free weekly groceries. 


COVID-19 has presented many setbacks for our students, such as loss of loved ones and employment, which is why Kennedy-King College faculty and staff continue working effortlessly to find ways in which we can support them even more.

Students like Lauren Richards and Alan Mares are prime examples of how dedicated our students are to earning their education in pursuit of helping others.

KKC Difference-Makers have: GRIT


KKC Difference-Makers have: DRIVE


Below you will see a snapshot of other KKC Difference-Makers who represent the fabric of our phenomenal student community.

KKC Difference-Makers are: RESILIENT


Through your generosity and support on this GivingTuesday/End of Year Scholarship Fundraiser, you can also make a massive impact on our students' lives. 

All contributions will fund scholarships for KKC Students.



2 supporters

$10,000 goal

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