Health Education & Period Packs for Nepali Girls

Join GLI and the Unatti Girls Club to empower young people, improve health outcomes and break period stigma in Nepal!


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GLI and the Unatti Foundation believe that every young person has the right to understand their body and should feel empowered to take charge of their personal health. GLI is proud to come alongside the Unatti’s Girls Health Empowerment Education Program (GHEEP) in support of these important goals. Created by the Unatti Girls Club themselves, GHEEP provide transparent and thorough health education to young people in Nepal. This program breaks myths and works to prevent discrimination especially around themes of menstruation and personal health. When the program is successful, an empowered and educated community of young girls will be prepared at the onset of menstruation to engage in open and shame-free discourse about personal health, will have access to appropriate and environmentally sustainable period products, and will normalize co-ed peer awareness around these themes.      




3 supporters

$10,000 goal

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EIN 03-0411001