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Go Beyond Fund for DTCB

Dancewave's GO BEYOND fund seeks to provide program access for students from underrepresented communities.


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Dancewave Through College and Beyond (DTCB) is Dancewave’s signature college preparedness program that connects high school students and their families with:

  • A robust network of faculty from notable college dance programs, dance professionals and field experts; 
  • Educational support through workshops, panel discussions and collegiate masterclasses;
  • Access to program admissions and millions in college scholarships; 

DTCB prepares young people for their future in higher education and impresses on families the power and potential of a career in dance.

We currently serve 300 students each year from over 25 states across the US. In the past two years, we've served communities in Canada, France and Japan. There is no other program the size and scope of DTCB! 

Our new Go Beyond Fund supports young dancers from underrepresented commmunities currently enrolled in NYC public schools by providing program access free of charge!


Dancewave creates quality dance education with a focus on transformation and empowerment. We teach participatory learning, decision-making, empathy and self-expression; helping participants to understand themselves in relationship to other people and larger systems, and to become more active members of their community.


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A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 11-2726558