Garrett Lang is Turning 10!

And instead of gifts, he is asking his friends and family to give to foster children with Circle of Care.


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Garrett Lang is celebrating his 10th birthday in a very special way! He is asking friends and family to skip the trip to Target or the mall and instead of getting him a gift,  donate to Circle of Care, an organization that provides foster care in Oklahoma. He has asked that these donations go specifically towards helping children in foster care, and his friends at Circle of Care are delighted to make that happen. Thank you for donating to Garrett's birthday fund.  When you do, your generosity will help children coming into foster homes with needed items like:

  • Welcome baskets with PJ's, toiletry items, and a Bible for children just coming into care.  
  • Funding for children in foster care to participate in extra-curricular and summer activities like sports, fine arts,  Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, camps, and many more.
  • New clothes and shoes for foster children as they grow and the seasons change.

Garrett and Circle of Care say THANK YOU for making a difference for children in foster care (and celebrating a really cool 10-year-old!). 

If you would like more information about Circle of Care, visit:




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