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With your help, Brave Space can provide direct access to resources that improve the lives of trans & nonbinary people!


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UPDATE: Our community needs support. Within one week of opening applications for our new Microgrant Fund, we received over 300 applications! Monthly donations from people like you can sustain our fund and potentially increase the number of grants we can offer each month. Making a monthly donation is easy - click the blue 'Donate' button at the top of the page, then select your donation amount and click 'Monthly' to register a recurring monthly donation to our fundraiser:


On behalf of Brave Space and our community, THANK YOU!

Dear advocate,

The Brave Space Resiliency Project is a collection of efforts by Brave Space to facilitate access to resources and events for transgender and nonbinary people, especially people experiencing multiple forms of marginalization. Our project fills in gaps where community resources are lacking. But we can't do it without you.

We ask you to join us in funding social justice. With your help, we can continue to sustain and expand our efforts. This is an opportunity for you who have the privilege to actively invest in social change, and directly impact the lives of our beloved community.

Brave Space needs committed monthly donors who can give $20, $50, $100, or any amount each month to keep our project alive. With the events of this year, our community needs all the support we can give, and we can't give without you. 

Your donations will sustain our Microgrant Fund, resource giveaways, and community events

Microgrant Fund
Since the inception of the Brave Space Scholarship Fund in 2016, Brave Space has given over $15,000 in funds to transgender and nonbinary people for services and goods that are not covered by insurance, but are critical to people’s well-being and health. We are proud to have funded facial electrolysis, rent assistance during surgery recovery, legal name and gender change fees, prescription fees during insurance lapses, binders and other accessories, support group fees, camp fees, counseling sessions for providers who can’t take insurance, and holiday gifts for homeless youth. Moving into 2021, we are making our needs-based Scholarship Fund more accessible than ever! Funds granted to community members can be used for anything that improves their health & wellbeing. We can keep our fund going with monthly contributions!

Resource Giveaways
With supporters like you, Brave Space has donated thousands of articles of clothing to transgender and nonbinary people in need. Our monthly Free Store provides socially-distanced access to our Clothing Collection, where transgender and nonbinary people can get free shoes, binders, breast forms, wigs, toiletries, make up, jewelry, bags, pet food and litter. Your monthly contribution can help us keep the Clothing Collection fully stocked for our community members!

Community Events
Since Summer 2019, Brave Space has hosted several community events, such as: Feast & FrolicHot Meals & Gender FeelsParent/Caregiver Community Support Group, Free Hair Cuts with Jules Heron, Eating Disorder Support Group, and QTPOC Support Group! We can offer more resources and accessibility services (such as sign language interpreters) at these events with monthly contributions! 

Because Brave Space is a for-benefit company (for-profit plus heart), donations cannot be deducted from taxes. I ask you to invest because it is RIGHT, and join us in making significant change in healthcare.

Thank you for loving the community!


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52 Supporters

76% of $10,000 goal

Brave Space, LLC