Support Goytia 4 Water Board 2022

Director Goytia is a life-long resident of the City of Pomona. He is married to his lovely wife Catalina Goytia and resides in the Phillips Ranch community in the city of Pomona where he raises his wonderful blended family home of 2 wonderful daughters and 2 sons, where one proudly serves our country as a US Marine. He is a proud father of 4 lovely daughters and a grandfather to 6 wonderful grandchildren. Director Goytia’s vision and passion for directing and guiding the youth of Pomona are revealed through his involvement with Pomona’s youth sports programs, where he currently serves as President of the Pony United Youth Baseball League at Kennedy Park. It is noteworthy that Director Goytia has reinstated three youth athletic programs, all non-profit organizations, that had been absent for over three decades (Pomona Pop Warner Football & Cheer, Pomona Pony Youth Baseball & Softball League, and Pony United Youth Baseball League/West Pomona).

In addition to being Director, he provides a conscientious voice through his various appointments on Boards and Committees throughout the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys. Director Goytia was appointed by his colleagues to serve as the representative for the San Gabriel Valley Water Districts on the Governing Board of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments where he presently presides. As a local and regional Water Representative, Director Goytia brings awareness and educates the public on the important issues related to Drought, Water Conservation, as well as working to increase water storage capacity for a sustainable water source for future generations. His vision and diligence in creating solutions by establishing partnerships in discussions to implement future projects that deal with the importance of water storage through stormwater capture and groundwater recharge, to shore up our local groundwater supplies is the type of forward-thinking of Director Goytia. By building partnerships and establishing collaboration with his colleagues on the Board, it is Director Goytia’s ongoing endeavor to continue to provide a reliable and sustainable clean water source throughout the Three Valleys Service Area.

As a former City of Pomona Parks Commissioner for District 2, Director Goytia served his community for 8 years in that capacity working to bring better park conditions and park programs for the residents of Pomona, He continues to reveal his loyalty to both the beautification of the city and the lives of those dwelling within it. Within this role, he has not only spearheaded a major revitalization of Kennedy Park but has coordinated several community events at many parks throughout the city. He was instrumental in partnering with his colleagues from the city council to provide basic essential resources to the families of his community during the pandemic, which he currently still does today. His compassion in helping and providing resources to disadvantaged communities is evident throughout his career.As a product of the Pomona Unified School District (grades K-12), Director Goytia has reciprocated to the city through his role as a Senior Grounds Lead (Athletic Facilities) for Pomona Unified School District, since 2001. His dedication to the amelioration of the City and development of student-athletes is continually evident through his work ethic. Mr. Goytia is an accomplished man who tenaciously and humbly works towards the enrichment and improvement of the city and the lives of the individuals in the very land he was cultivated in, that is, the city of Pomona.

Organized by Carlos Goytia
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