Annual Fund

Imagine a place where imagination is cultivated and empathy is grown. A place where everyone is greeted with love and care, and known for exactly who they are. This place is a school, where differentiation is the norm, and students are met at their level, are challenged in just the right way. It is a place where students are empowered and told on a daily basis, “your voice matters.”

We don’t have to imagine this place. It is Roycemore School. In reviews pulled directly from the web, a current parent writes, “No other school had the balance that Roycemore has—a commitment to strong academics, diversity, a warm and friendly environment, and character education, which is not only encouraged, but is a natural part of the school's ethos. It has surpassed our expectations, and our daughter loves school.”

Part of what makes Roycemore an incredible experience for our students and families, part of what prepares them for the real world, and part of what makes them excellent world citizens is Roycemore’s long-standing commitment to economic diversity. This commitment creates an environment that is less tolerant of entitlement, which is inherently culturally diverse, and that creates just the right amount of challenge. The content of one’s character is a core value, together with academic prowess. Kindness is as important as Algebra, and everyone works together toward common goals in preparation for the collaborations and challenges our students will face in college and beyond.

Roycemore’s environment didn’t happen by accident. It is an intentional effort by the Board of Trustees and faculty, and is only possible through their commitment and the incredible generosity of the Roycemore Family, with everyone giving what they can to sustain this special place. Your dollar will go farther here, and your gift will make an impact. Griffin Fund gifts support our faculty in their classrooms and will help us maintain competitive salaries and benefits.* It helps to buy athletic equipment and keeps the garage door oiled. Our annual budget is dependent on the relief provided by philanthropic gifts in order to keep the lights running and the ideas moving.

You, as a valued member of the Roycemore Family, can show your support of these values through a gift to the Griffin Fund, the annual fund at Roycemore.


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