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Humans for Education

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CEO, Daphne Pariser, traveled to Kenya when she was 10 years old thinking she would spend two weeks on Safari. As her bus came to a stop in Nairobi another child her age ran up to the bus and banged on the windows begging for food. She put her hand on the window and looked into his eyes, feeling helpless. Her bus then moved on and she watched the boy as they drove away. Her Safari tour guide told her do not sit back and feel bad, but stand up and make a difference. 

At 10 years old, Daphne went home and began studying non-profits and for-profits. 

Today, we are celebrating Daphne’s 30th birthday. Alongside the Kenyan community, she has worked to alleviate poverty for over 6,000 people and now we are looking to alleviating poverty for another 1,650 people sustainably. 

We’re celebrating Daphne’s dedication -- and you can, too! 

Today, you can create a sustainable, generational change for an entire family living in extreme poverty. A $500 investment today will help us to build a new business for a school next year which will allow us to help 150 students and 1,650 of their family members out of extreme poverty. Learn more about our model.



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EIN 47-4963153