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I'm stepping into the Celebrity Boxing ring to fight and fundraise in an effort to bring Brawl for a Cause back in Fall 2021. 100% of the proceeds from this campaign will benefit everyday people fighting for what they believe in most.


In May 2020, the biggest and best Brawl for a Cause event to date was cancelled due to COVID. Our team was pulling out all the stops for a Roaring 20's themed black tie brawl with dancers, acrobats, casino games, live performances, and an amazing class of Brawlers fighting to raise funds and awareness for causes close to their hearts. When the world shut down, training halted, deposits were lost, and our non-profit got knocked down, hard. 

But what do Brawlers do when we get knocked down? We get back up. We fight back. We brawl on.

The easy thing to do would be to throw in the towel. COVID wiped our bank account, like so many other businesses and non-profits. It's a reasonable cause for quitting. It's an understandable excuse. But that path is not ours. 

In the depths of the pandemic, I didn't know what to do, but I had to do something. I couldn't see the non-profit we built over the last 9 years fizzle. I couldn't see the event that has featured over 300 people literally fighting for what they believe in just die. We tried YouTube. We tried other virtual fundraisers. We ultimately realized we need to wait to do what we do best - large scale charity boxing events featuring everyday people taking punches for causes close to their hearts. 


Now the world is reopening, and events are back. So, it's time for me to not just talk the talk, and not just walk the walk. I'm stepping in the ring to fight the fight to bring the Brawl back. I'll be stepping in the ring against professional wrestler, Josh "Violence" Adams in the Celebrity Boxing event on Friday, June 11th in Atlantic City as part of the featured undercard for Lamar Odom vs. Aaron Carter. 

My goal is to raise $10,000 to fund the down payment for a top tier venue, AV production for a livestream, and a marketing budget to recruit the best Brawlers we can for the next event (ideally, $25,000). All money raised will benefit the Brawl's non-profit operations, and the 30+ charities we support with each live event. 

Community Fundraising Goals:

- $1,000: Shop Night at lululemon with Giveaways

- $2,500: Free Community Fight and Flow Class led by Matt

- $5,000: Giveaways from Sponsors (Sting, lululemon, Lane Eight, Procana)

- $10,000: Date and Venue Announcement with Pre-Sale Tickets Live to Donors

- $15,000: Premium Giveaways from Sponsors (Sting, lululemon, Lane Eight, Procana)

- $20,000: Pay-Per-View Partnership Announced with Pre-Sale PPVs Live to Donors

- $25,000: Grand Giveaways from Sponsors (Sting, lululemon, Lane Eight, Procana)



29 supporters

$10,000 goal

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