HTL is Growing!

Haa Tóoch Lichéesh Coalition is an trauma-informed, survivor-centered violence prevention organization based in Juneau, Alaska. Our work is focused on supporting regional healing and equity by (re)building community connections, and Indigenizing (decolonizing) systems. Having grown beyond our former role as a team under AWARE Inc., we need your support as we grow and transition into our new role as our own independent nonprofit. 


Orange Shirt Day 2022    

Anyone who has started a new business or organization knows how much time, effort and funding can go into such an endeavor. This is the Coalition’s first time treading into the realm of full-time fundraising on its own, as we have relied primarily on grants and support from AWARE until now. As our own organization, we will need funding for day-to-day operations like buying equipment, paying utilities, and hiring administrative support.


Healing from Grief Mandala at Ḵaa Tukax̱saké Héende Gathering


This is why now we are calling on our community members and organizations to please give what you can to help us through this time of transition. Please donate now and do your part to help shape healing in our communities for generations to come.


HTL Visionary Council members, team members and beloved friends celebrating one of our founding elders, Kaatssaawaa Della Cheney


Gunacheésh, Hawa'a, T'oyaxsut Nuusm, Quyana, Salamat for reading, and we hope that you'll join us on this journey of growth and evolution.

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