Fearless Donation

We learned of Fearless' herd in the Calico Mountains of Nevada through a local in Sublette County who advocates for the rescue and adoption of wild mustangs across the nation. Lisanne Fear, also known as Fearlis, had a strong personal connection with two of her mustangs that came from this herd, and thought of our program when she found out about the adoption of (who is now known as Fearless) this one year old bay roan gelding. We jumped on the opportunity to adopt our very first mustang, and could not be happier. Fearless will be two years old this summer and he is recently halter broke. He loves treats, is very curious, and wants to be your best friend. We look forward to his future with Sanctuary Horses. 


Your compassionate gesture has the power to make a real difference in Fearless's life. By making a donation, you directly contribute to providing essential care, nourishment, and medical support for Fearless and his equine companions at Sanctuary Horses. Your support allows us to create a haven where these majestic animals, like Fearless, can thrive in a loving environment. Every contribution, inspired by a simple click, fuels our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for more horses, including mustangs, in need. Your generosity brings us closer to ensuring a brighter and more secure future for Fearless and all the Sanctuary Horses. We are truly grateful for your compassion and the positive impact you're making on their lives.


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