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2022 Happy Mama Conference & Retreat


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Organized by Nonprofit Asheville


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The Happy Mama Conference & Retreat 

is a weekend away for moms of children with special needs, created by moms of children with special needs. An educational conference and respite for mother's to care for themselves so they may care for their beautiful children.

At the event, mamas gain community with other mothers who share the same questions, concerns, worries, and fears. The retreat provides education to help mamas advocate for thier child and themselves. We provide the tools to re-discover a families happiness and well-being. We nurture mothers with a beautiful setting and fun, relaxing activities.


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As a "What's Your WORD?" Sponsor, you will receive a thank you gift from on of our very crafty mamas


With a $50 gift, you will receive a hand sewn gift from one of our other very crafty mamas


At the Happy Mama Conference & Retreat Mamas

  • Relax
    Mamas get very little time for themselves. They’re always on alert and never seem to get a chance to relax. Plenty of time for relaxation and respite is set aside during the Happy Mama Retreat, ensuring that you’ll get time to yourself to relax and recharge.
  • Learn Self-Care
    You must take care of yourself in order to do your best for family. Our speakers educate you on the importance of self-care and how to fit it in your busy life, and motivate and inspire you to take care of mama.
  • Feel Less Alone
    Raising a child with invisible behavioral disorders is isolating. At the Retreat, you’ll meet dozens of mamas on a similar parenting journey, who ‘”get” what it’s like to raise a child with developmental and behavioral challenges. You’ll be part of our Tribe.

Visit Happy Mama Conference & Retreat @ https://parentingadhdandautism...


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25 Supporters

Nonprofit Asheville