Harm Reduction Circle

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce drug-related harms & promote the well-being of individuals who use drugs, particularly those who are underserved & marginalized. We strive to create a culture of harm reduction that prioritizes the health & well-being of all individuals, regardless of their background or experiences. We believe that harm reduction is a compassionate & pragmatic approach to drug use, & it is an essential component of public health.

Background Statement

Harm Reduction Circle was established in 2021 by our co-founders, Annastasia Rose Beal, Hannah Rose Halbers, Emma Webb, and Dylan Waller. Our collective commitment to harm reduction and a strong desire to make a positive impact on our community fueled our inception. It all began with a sobering realization of the devastating repercussions of Fentanyl-laced substances within the southern California nightlife scene. Identifying a significant gap in comprehensive harm reduction resources at music festivals, concerts, and similar events, we set out on a mission to address this urgent need.

Originally, we formed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a clear goal in mind: to reduce overdose and other drug-related harm. We achieved this by offering peer education, challenging stigma, and equipping individuals with evidence-based strategies to empower them to prioritize their health and safety. Our initial focus centered on harm reduction within nightlife settings, but our journey took a transformative turn. Beginning in 2022, we broadened our mission to encompass underserved and marginalized populations, with a special emphasis on the homeless community in Orange County, California.

Impact Statement

1. Overdose Response Training: We've provided training to 18,936 individuals, empowering them to save lives in opioid overdose situations.
2. Narcan Distribution: Our Narcan distribution efforts have surged, with an estimated 47.90% increase in 2023, totaling 34,272 doses, enhancing our commitment to life-saving resources.
3. Meals on Onewheels™ Partnership: We've partnered with Meals on Onewheels™, uniting Onewheel enthusiasts to deliver essential items and meals to unhoused individuals, reaching high-risk areas and reducing stigma.
-Community Support: We've gained support from local businesses and restaurants, strengthening community alliances.
-Volunteer Engagement: With 38 trained riders, we've expanded our reach, delivering meals and harm reduction supplies to those experiencing homelessness.
-Meals Served: Since our launch, we've proudly served 1,288 meals, highlighting our holistic harm reduction approach.


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