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As you are aware, there is still a large number of Armenian soldiers that are being held captive by Azerbaijan as prisoners of war (POW), and many that are considered missing in action (MIA). It has been difficult to determine exactly which soldiers have not yet returned. The ARF Eastern Region Central Committee has been working with a lawyer in Armenia, Siranush Sahakyan. Siranush was the attorney who filed the criminal case against Ramil Safarov, the Azeri who killed an Armenian cadet at a UN peace conference, as well as several cases following the 2016 Artsakh War. Siranush has been working endlessly to file lawsuits and cases against Azerbaijan in regards to the POW and several war crimes committed.

There is no doubt that many are supporting Siranush’s legal efforts, but continually pursuing these cases requires a large amount of funds. In discussion with Siranush, the cost for filing these cases in the coming months will be extremely expensive. The AYF-YOARF has committed to donating $15,000 on behalf of the region to help with these legal pursuits. 

These legal cases on prisoners of war, those missing in action, and war crimes will continue on for months, if not years. This is a project that will likely require more funds in the future as well. Although the current goal is $15,000, the real goal should be to raise as much as possible, to help enable Siranush and her team to continuously pursue the necessary legal avenues to fight for our soldiers.

The AYF-YOARF Eastern Region appreciates all of your support, and hopes you can help us in doing our part to bring our soldiers home safely, and to get legal justice for the endless war crimes and tortures. 



14 supporters

$15,000 goal

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