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Freydis is one of those sweet sweet pups that every time we think we have solved all her medical issues and she is finally ready for her happy ever after...another major medical issue crops up.  

She came to us from a very high kill shelter after she was euth-listed.  She came to us with a 4 inch gash on her back of unknown origin.  She was emaciated and had a mouth full of badly rotting teeth.  These would all be simple fixes...BUT...

She had a "mass" in her abdomen and her bloodwork showed severe infection.  A heavy duty round of antibiotics cleared the infection...but the mass remained.   So Freydis had exploratory surgery where it was discovered that a piece of her uterine horn was mistakenly sutured to her bladder.  This was repaired and she recovered.  

Recovered from the exploratory and repair, her bloodwork much improved, she finally was able to get her dental, whereupon she had 18 teeth removed!  The cost of dentals goes up with each tooth pulled so this turned out to be a surprisingly expensive dental!  And to make it WORSE...a heart murmur was detected.  She was referred to the cardiologist. 

She saw Dr. Jake, Veterinary Cardiologist, on Friday.  The good news is that while she does have a murmur, and she will eventually need to be on pimobendan (an inexpensive medication), she does NOT need it now. She will simply need an annual cardiology work up.  The bad news is: this was an expensive visit with expensive diagnostics (echocardiogram).  

Fredyis is SUCH a sweet pup.  She deserves ALL THE CARE SHE NEEDS in order to live her best, healthiest, happiest life.  Your tax-deductible donation will ensure we can provide the care that she deserves!  


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