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Help Hidden In Plain Site Grow Today!

After an amazing launch of Hidden in Plain Site: Richmond, the platform is growing in 2021! We're excited to announce our plans to officially expand Hidden In Plain Site to a national scale by bringing the future of cultural education to...

New Communities. New Stories.

Hidden history exists all around us no matter what monuments stand. The stories with the most pain are the most hidden. The most buried. We drive by them, we walk over them. In some cases we even park on them.

But if we squint, if we remember, we can change our paths and our patterns. Change how we see the city as we commute through it. With help, we can revere and learn from that which is Hidden In Plain Site.

What Is Hidden In Plain Site?

Hidden In Plain Site is a multimedia and VR exploration of distinct but easy to overlook sites around the United States that tells the story of the Black experience throughout history. Founded in Richmond, Virginia by a partnership of three social impact-minded entrepreneurs, the project's first installment, Hidden In Plain Site: Richmond, was launched on Thanksgiving Day, 2020.

Created with the goal of telling the stories of marginalized individuals and communities all over the United States, Hidden In Plain Site brings historical images taken from various angles and ages to impactful life through the use of modern 360-degree video and immersive media techniques. Our goal is to inform and educate while changing how residents and visitors see and experience our country.

Why Hidden In Plain Site?

Hidden In Plain Site exists to help illuminate the teachable past and challenge viewers to change their perspective and be curious about the history all around them. Through the clever use of archival imagery and current 360 degree video, Hidden In Plain Site tells stories with a powerful new platform that is: Authentic. Unfiltered. Empathy-Creating.

Why Now?

Our country desperately needs the healing that can only come with perspective, and the people are calling for a reckoning with our past to a degree unprecedented in modern history.

Hidden In Plain Site Offers Our Communities:

  • More than preservation of history: preservation of perspective.
  • A spotlight for erased communities, important struggles, leaders from all time and as relevant today as ever
  • Education that demands engagement and is moving increasingly online

Our Partners.

Hidden In Plain Site's National and Community partners include:


  • The Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia
  • The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
  • Virginia Museum of History and Culture
  • Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business
  • ...and more!

Let's make history.

The Value of Hidden In Plain Site to our Community Partners

The Hidden In Plain Site platform offers a wide variety of value to our partners, including:

  • Tourism Revenue and Local Economic Support
    • National tourism attention to significant sites and events
    • Regional tourism and new perspective for local residents
  • National History and Culture Promotion Content on a variety of national and international educational platforms
    • Discovery Education
    • More to be announced
  • Curriculum, Lessons and Project content for Federal, State, Public and Private Education
  • Press and Media Coverage, Public Relations

Funds raised from this campaign will help us establish partnerships with

  • State and Local Government
  • Historical and Cultural Organizations
  • Community Influencers
  • National and Local Businesses and Corporations

To help enable

  • Pre-Production: partnership, research, script finalization, and more
  • Production: videography, photography, immersive media and VR, narration, sound design
  • Post-Production: creation of the experience and tour build
  • Launch: hosting on, press and media, partnerships, and more
  • Post-Launch: collaboration on press and media, physical exhibits, installations, showings, and more

Hidden In Plain Site is a community-driven organization and would not exist without the support of community partners like you. Please consider supporting Hidden In Plain Site today!

Note: Hidden In Plain Site is a for-profit organization; as such, contributions are not tax-exempt. GiveButter contributions will be used to help Hidden In Plain Site grow beyond its early stages into a thriving, impactful and community-focused organization and cultural education platform.


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