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Thank you for helping to support Hinkle Creek PTO. This year we are raising funds to support all of our normal programs such as, Cougar Crew breakfasts, Young authors books, and our school carnival Hinkle Hey Day to name a few. On top of our normal yearly programs we are also buying a new set of swings for our playground for the students to enjoy for years to come. Your donations are greatly appreciated and your student(s) can win the amazing prizes listed below. On top of these we’ll have top earner prizes for each grade level and top class prizes!!! 

$25 - Blue Level Hinkle Creek Sparkle Mood Pencil and Candy

$50 - Gold Level Hinkle Creek Color changing cup + Blue Level

$100 - Hinkle Level- Hinkle Creek Drawstring Backpack + Gold Level 

$200 - Cougar Level - Ice cream party for the entire class (Ice cream gift card for virtual students) + Hinkle Level 

$250 - Mr. Lawrence Level - Personalized Experience (i.e. principal for a day, game for entire class, etc.) + Cougar Level

  All School Rewards  - Once we have reached the amounts below in overall fundraising we will have even more great all school rewards. 

$10,000 - Mr. Lawrence will ride a tricycle through the school hallways waving at the kids      

$17,500 - We're halfway there!!!! Mr. Lawrence will sleep on the school roof

$30,000 - The students will have the opportunity to vote throughout Cougar Challenge on a special activity Mr. Lawrence will have to do. Students can bring in any coins to count towards their vote. Funds raised through voting will be counted towards overall classroom total not individual student total unless otherwise marked. The two special activities they'll have the chance to vote on are:

            1. Turn Mr. Lawrence into an Ice Cream Sundae 

            2. Mr. Lawrence will dress as a Noblesville Cheerleader for the day

$35,000 - A new swing set for the Playground!!!! 




854 supporters

$35,000 goal

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