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Your donation will help create the Family Rehabilitation Center + expand Literacy Centers! Donate any amount, but with a min $100 donation, you get a brick engraved with your name placed at the FRC!

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Support our brick fundraising campaign!  -- don't wanna read the whole story??  Click HERE to get the lowdown on donating!  Help us reach $50,000! 

Since 2017,  with the help of generous donors like you,  Families Mentoring Families has been able to build a school, fund 6 business loans and 6 scholarships, begin a sewing school for refugee women, and build 8 family literacy centers with "Mom Schools", and contribute to pandemic food relief initiatives.  It has truly been miraculous!  

And you've helped raise 2/3 of the money needed for the amazing Family Restoration Center property!  

Most of the situations they have seen and the suffering they have witnessed is due to the breaking apart of the family unit. 

From 40%-60% illiteracy rates to rampant physical and sexual abuse, from underemployment to physical suffering,  the Rogers family has seen firsthand the attack on the family that comes from and also perpetuates poverty.  

75% of the children in orphanages aren't even orphans!  But their parents can't or don't know how to take care of them! 

In the past 4 years, they have learned so very much, have developed amazing relationships, and have seen many fruits of their labors. 

Now, they feel it is time to up their game!  This is exciting news! 

From the Rogers Family:  

God is depending on us to take the knowledge and experience He has given us and expand our reach to lift more brothers and sisters.  We feel this will best be done as families, even if that includes only you.  We are extending an invitation from our FMF family to yours to help in this great cause!

Not only does Familes Mentoring Families get requests weekly from people around the world to establish new literacy centers, but they also have a new even more powerful project, with the potential bless more lives and strengthen more families! 

Through many tender mercies and miracles, God has brought  together the right people and the right place to create a FAMILY RESTORATION CENTER. 

This center will be designed as a place of safety where people can receive help and healing as they begin their journey to self-reliance and reuniting their families.  

The 5 education tracks currently supported /administered through the Family Literacy Center will be implemented and magnified through on-site residential facilities for women and children healing from trauma, to assist them in furthering their education, including vocational training, and to assist them to regain self-respect, confidence, and healthy wholeness.

And like the literacy centers,  it's pretty clear that this isn't the only one.  Once this one is up and running, requests will come in for more family restoration centers too! 

 Families can become reunited again.  

This new opportunity requires that we raise money to acquire this very special property.  The current owner has been very generous and really wants Families Mentoring Families to create this new center on his property.  

The property will also require renovation and work by our expedition teams coming to help with our cause. 

As we've prayed to know what to do, we are finding that God is backing this project all the way.  It has truly been amazing to witness miracle after miracle, along with person after person hearing the call. 

Do you hear the call to help too?   

If you're reading this, you probably have felt some part of that call to help God's children. 

But what can you do to helpFamilies Mentoring Families can't do it alone.  

(1)  Donate to our Brick Fundraising Building Campaign
We have a lofty goal to fund this project in it's entirety and have money to expand the literacy centers as fast as requests come in.  

We have an awesome way to recognize donors!  

Please donate what you can, and if you can donate at least $100, you can get a brick engraved with your family name, or in memory of a loved one: 

$50 to $99 - thank you!

      FRIEND:  $100 - 4x8 brick, 2 lines of text

      BRONZE: $250 - 4x8 brick, 3 lines of text

      SILVER:  $500 - 8x8 brick or decorative garden column, 4 lines of text, listed on website

      SILVER PLUS:  $1000 - 8x8 brick or decorative garden comumn, 4 lines of text, prime brick location, listed on website

      GOLD:  $5000 - 12x12 brick or decorative garden comumn, 4 lines of text, prime brick location, listed on website

      GOLD PLUS: $10,000 - Bench or 12x12 brick, your custom design, prime brick location, listed on website

      PLATINUM:  $25,000 - Bench or 12x12 brick or Building Name,  your custom design, prime location, listed on website, donor trip to Ghana

      DIAMOND:  $50,000 - Bench or Building Name, listed on website, prime location, donor trip for 2 to Ghana

      All donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt via email when you donate.  

      And when else will you get the opportunity to have your name placed at an amazing place in Ghana, Africa?

      (2)  Fundraise for this cause!  

      You can sign up to be a fundraiser by clicking "FUNDRAISE" in the top right hand corner.  See what funds you can bring in!  And if you're interestesd in an Ghana expedition for yourself, you can use this fundraiser to raise the funds.  Contact us for more information.  

      (3)  Ask  Your Company For Donations  

      Many companies are willing to donate or to match donations!  Ask!  

      Families Mentoring Families is an official 501(c)3 registered in Spanish Fork, Utah.  

      Please donate if you are able!  Any amount helps!

      This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute your time, talents and resources to bless other members of God's family. 

      Learn more about FAMILIES MENTORING FAMILIES on our website.  


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