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Together, we can combat the youth inactivity crisis and support the well-being of all children by delivering our evidence-based program and technology 100% free to all coaches.


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I hope everyone reading this knows what it means to have a great coach in your life. I have been lucky to have had several. My dad is probably the greatest. As the father of six kids, he found time to coach us all, not just in life, but in each of our individual sports. He always says, "It's hard to be a champion." I think that sums up the work of a coach. A coach first has to instill in you the commitment, dedication, motivation, and desire to reach a certain goal. Then they push you, support you, teach you, challenge you to reach that goal. And then, they do it again, and again, and again.

This Giving Tuesday we want to honor coaches and we want you to share your stories of what it means to have a coach in your life. Then we want you to give that gift to another child. Your donation directly supports coaches in schools and communities helping kids set and reach goals! Please join us this year!

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Marathon Kids is a nonprofit organization on a mission to get kids moving. We combine innovative technology and evidence-based practices to build a structured physical education program to support schools and community organizations.🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽

Together, we can combat the youth inactivity crisis and support the well-being of all children. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on donors to continue our impact. We hope you will join us today to invest in the health and wellness of kids in all of our communities by Honoring a Coach with a donation to Marathon Kids. Learn More Here.

Why in honor of a coach? Coaches are the cornerstone of our programming. When you give to Marathon Kids, you're ultimately funding our coaches. Marathon Kids is a volunteer-led coaching model that combines technology and goal-setting to increase kids’ motivation to be active and improve athletic self-perception. Your dollars bring the right tools and technology to make our coaches successful in teaching kids how being active every day improves their entire well-being.


How do our coaches make an impact?  When children are given positive physical activity experiences early in their life, they are six times more likely to adopt a long-term healthy lifestyle. That's why programs like Marathon Kids are urgently needed to combat the youth inactivity crisis and support the well-being of all children.

Our Marathon Kids Coaches are proof that coaches everywhere make a difference. 

  • Coach Zertuche from Yarbrough Elementary School credits his football coach for teaching him how to push through challenges and work hard. Coach Zertuche uses the same lessons with his kids by "helping them find that thing that motivates" them and showing them that they can "accomplish anything they put their minds to." 
  • Coach Spelman from Baldwin Elementary, says her PE and Soccer Coach was her reason for becoming a coach herself. "She was always cheering us on. She cared about each and every one of us. She was always going the extra mile for us. I make it a point to let all of my students know how much I care for them. I know how good that made me feel knowing my coach cared for me, so I want my students to feel that too."



67 supporters

$40,000 goal

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