7th Annual Hunt For Good Scavenger Hunt and Fundraiser

Find The Simple Good from Chicago to WHEREVER you are at our Hunt for Good Urban Art Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser 2022


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When our #FearlessFounder Priya Shah began her photo blog “The Simple Good” in 2012, she had no idea the impact she would be having on the arts education community nearly ten years later. Inspired by her travels and global volunteer work, Priya sought out to share with the world the positivity she found everyday. Thus, her blog was born, and she invited her friends to share their meanings of “the simple good” from across the globe. The Simple Good photo blog has now grown into an international Arts non-profit helping youth across Chicago and beyond connect with their meaning of The Simple Good.

Today, nearly 10 years later, The Simple Good is continuing its' impact, reaching more than 5,500 youth worldwide, empowering them through art and discussion.

This year we are in a race to support over 1,000 youth across Chicago. Due to the impact of the pandemic, our youth need access to the arts and humanities now more than ever to cope with the added stress. Join us as we seek to raise $50K + to fund our transformative summer arts programming.



71 supporters

$50,000 goal

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The Simple Good

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EIN 46-4091597