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RockSolid - Smiles for a change!

Social distancing and isolation are creating new and unique challenges. Understandably, being isolated brings frustration, fear, and anxiety which is reflected in the scary increase in numbers of psychological depressive disorders and suicide rates.

More than ever, positive messages and attitudes that can bring a smile to someone’s face are highly valued and welcome. As dentists and musicians, Dr. Francisco Barbosa and Dr. Christian Jarry want to not only restore teeth but to promote smiles in every possible way they can, and music is the universal language that positively connects people, no matter how distant they are! 

That’s how the project “RockSolid” came to life!  

Dental Professionals from different countries who also share a passion for music and play a musical instrument are invited to join Francisco and Christian in playing and recording a cover song together (but remotely). The invited doctors will also appoint a local institution that provides psychological support to the people in need during isolation and social distancing.

The songs will be transformed into a video clip and shared on social media with a link.  All amount sourced will be destined for the respective institutions appointed by the invitees.   We trust 100% the Dental Community is willing and ready to engage!

The first song is ON THE WAY!  Thanks to the support of Dr. Christina Tepper (Vienna/Austria) and Prof. Luiz Gonzaga (Florida/USA) the song "Love on the Weekend" by the singer and songwriter John Mayer is in the final production steps.   Stay tuned!

Please check out RockSolid's landing page and participate.

Join us and let's make the difference together! 

Organized by Christian Jarry