I’ll Be Your Rock

I'll Be Your Rock is a 501(c)3 nonprofit support group for rural LGBTQ youth, currently operating in Michigan with the goal of eventually going nationwide. IBYR strives to create safe-spaces for youth struggling with their identity in small towns, provide education and support to families coping with LGBTQ related issues such as AIDS prevention, substance abuse, mental health, finding healthcare, dealing with poverty and grief, and more. IBYR also provides positive influences in rural communities looking to support their LGBTQ youth. 

IBYR was started in 2022 by Christine Terpening in Vermontville, Michigan, with the goal of making sure that every LGBTQ youth in her small hometown knew that they had a "Rock" in their corner. Her vision has expanded exponentially as the community has embraced the cause, and IBYR hosted its first annual Vermontville Youth Pride in August of 2022. In 2023, IBYR will be going state-wide, with satellite chapters planned throughout the state. Every dollar raised will go directly to supporting rural youth, families, and communities as we strive to create an accepting, equitable world for all young people - no matter their identity. 

Organized by Ill Be Your Rock