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Iowa Freedom Riders - Activism & Solidarity

General fund to support IFR's activism, organizing, mutual aid efforts, and just doing the work.


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Organized by Iowa Freedom Riders

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IFR is making change. That's exactly why you are here. IFR is not only bringing people to the street to demand reforms and hold leaders accountable, it is also building a powerful solidarity network of highly-committed, whip-smart, fearless, and community-oriented young leaders and activists prepared to push past the neoliberal pretensions of change and progress and finally start demanding results. This network is sharing experiences, collecting knowledge, articulating visions, formulating policy, and generating creative social and political strategies. 

We are also building our shared commitment to each other through the practice of mutual aid, providing funding and resources to meet the survival needs of those left at the margins. Your funding helps us practice community interdependence and solidarity where we learn to rely on each other instead of governmental systems of power that often put business and budgets over human life.

The IFR - Activism & Solidarity Fund is a place to support all of IFR's work. Resource allocation decisions are made by consensus of the IFR Steering Committee, in which every IFR stakeholder has a voice. For more information, contact IFR

IFR is on the move. Your support is essential. Consider a monthly supporting donation so that IFR can plan ahead for organizational growth and bigger change-making projects. 

*** You can also make a one-time or monthly donation to IFR's BIPOC Leadership Development Fund and/or the Peoples TRC Fund. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! ***Send us a private message if you would like to make a large donation and would prefer to do so under a 501c3 for tax purposes. We have a financial sponsor who will help us with this***


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Iowa Freedom Riders