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Iowa Freedom Riders - BIPOC Leadership Development Fund

IFR's young BIPOC leaders are doing critical public policy and community-development work in Iowa City. They deserve compensation and need support. This fund allows supporters to target donations to sustain this critical work.


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Organized by Iowa Freedom Riders

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IFR's young BIPOC leaders and organizers receive weekly requests to participate in dialogues, workshops, strategy sessions, community forums, policy reform processes, and other stakeholder initiatives and consultations. They say "yes" as often as they can because having young BIPOC voices in these rooms is essential to racial justice efforts on track, oriented, unafraid, and powerful. 

It rarely occurs to the Iowa City individuals and institutions making these requests that these young leaders deserve compensation for their public policy work, or that they might need financial support in order to make their participation possible. Instead, IFR BIPOC leaders work overtime to juggle their public policy and community work alongside their work as full-time students and/or working full or part-time jobs. 

The IFR - BIPOC Leadership Development Fund financially supports young BIPOC leaders and organizers doing the work, allowing them to dedicate more time to the important task to raising young BIPOC voices in these many important forums. Funds are allocated exclusively to young BIPOC leaders on an equitable basis by the IFR Steering Committee, taking into consideration each person's different needs and the demands being placed on them. 

We strongly consider Iowa City institutions and individuals who are considering making a request or invitation for IFR participation, or who have made such requests in the past, to consider a reasonable donation or monthly donation amount to the IFR - BIPOC Leadership Development Fund to lay a sustainable foundation for the work. 

*** You can also make a one-time or monthly donation to IFR's Activism & Solidarity Fund and/or the Peoples TRC Fund. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! ***Send us a private message if you would like to make a large donation and would prefer to do so under a 501c3 for tax purposes. We have a financial sponsor who will help us with this***


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