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108% of $3,500 goal

NMF is Free Because of ME!

NMF is Free Because of ME

Quentin's "$10 per band" NMF 2024 Pre-Festival Donation Drive!

Hi Everyone! Like last year, I asked the Norman Music Festival if I could again personalize a fundraiser leading into this year's festival. Wowsers, they keep saying yes!

Over the last several years NMF has featured an average of about 350 annual performances, so my challenge to any and all friends of NMF is to help me raise just $10 each this week -- a goal of $3500.

I think we can do it. :muscle:

I'll kick things off the first 10% -- $350

Can anyone match me?

Or maybe you can join in with just 10 cents each performer, for a $35 donation. Or maybe approximately half that, $16 to represent 16 years of free festival. Heck, even just $3.50 from anyone who has enjoyed the festival would add up to serious bucks. :muscle:

I want to say a few words about the value of free. Over the years I've watched quite a few for-profit festivals come and go. Meanwhile, NMF has persisted. This is due to many things, not the least of which is the power of community and an awesome team that works all year to make it happen.

Free is important.
No barriers.
No socio-economic obstacles to a weekend of music appreciation truly open to all.
For artists and fans alike.

This is a pretty unusual and rare thing, and it means a lot to me personally.

Ok then, this donation drive is officially underway!

Let's see where it goes.

Hope to see many of you at the festival this weekend!

Free. Original. Oklahoma. The Norman Music Festival is a free, nonprofit, 3-day community music festival spotlighting original Oklahoma music alongside touring national acts on 4 outdoor stages in partnership with more than a dozen indoor venues featuring bands, film, comedy, art and more in the Downtown Walker Arts District in Norman, Oklahoma. 


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