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India Senior Trip

Rajiv was just a small boy when he arrived at the mission school located in Northeast India. As the days and weeks flew by Rajiv learned many new things. He learned about a man named Jesus who once lived here on earth. Jesus was kind. He loved children and didn’t want them to suffer. Jesus also loved adults and would often do anything he could to help them. Then angry people killed him. That made Rajiv sad. He didn’t like death. After all, his father had died and Rajiv missed him terribly.

Then Rajiv learned that Jesus was going to come back someday and raise all the dead people so they could go home and live forever. This made him very happy. He wanted to see his dad again and now he had hope that he would. Unable to contain his joy, Rajiv ran to his teacher and said, “Jesus is coming back and I will see my dad again! I want to be a pastor so I can tell other people that!”

This year, Oklahoma Academy’s senior class has received a call to travel to India for their senior trip. We have the opportunity to work at this school teaching Bible classes, giving health expos, and traveling to surrounding villages to help with medical care. Annelise, one of our seniors, is excited to go: "I've never been to India and I really want to learn about the culture and the people there."

There are many children at this school that come from similar backgrounds to that of Rajiv. Many children come from Hindu or Muslim families. Sometimes from single-parent homes. Very few of these children know Jesus when they first arrive. What a blessing to be able to share Jesus with these precious children!

Thank you for helping make this trip possible!


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