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Direct donations for Ukrainian Jews in Need

Your contribution will be directly distributed in both Kiev and Kharkiv to the elderly, homebound families with young children, those with medical conditions, and to refugees in transit.


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Organized by Sarah Brodsky


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A Short Note: 

For a significant portion of my life, I traveled to Ukraine often to volunteer and work with the Jewish community. From 2000 until 2016 I traveled to Ukraine on a yearly basis, and lived there in 2007. I've volunteered and worked professionally with the Kharkiv Jewish community (Orthodox Union), and in Kiev with the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Rabbi Bleich. I maintain a wide range of contacts all over Ukraine.

While the majority of my time was spent in Kharkiv, a city dear to my heart, I have friends and acquaintances all over the country. Many of my friends living there have young children. The friends who have emigrated have parents and relatives there. Additionally, there are the elderly- survivors of the holocaust and wwII, who in peaceful times are supported by the community and in difficult times like these, need extra assistance. There are also those who have successfully crossed the border or are in the process of fleeing that need our support.

A number of people have reached out to me to see if there are ways to donate and make sure your donation makes an impact.

What is the situation like there now?

Kharkov is under serious siege, it is dangerous to go out by foot. Currently the subway (metro) is crowded with people seeking shelter. The majority of people are homebound and in need of supplies. There are currently plans underway to get as many people out as possible. This is challenging because there are not enough drivers to get people safely from their homes to the train station and there is not enough room on the train to get people out of the city. Furthermore, any men who are of draftable age and do not have young children cannot leave. 

The situation in Kiev is similar, with not enough drivers to get people safely out of the city and dangerous conditions on the streets, making it difficult to get essentials like water, food and medication.

Where will the money raised be distributed?

Funds will be distributed in both Kiev and Kharkiv and to refugees who are in the process of crossing the border or have made their way to Moldova, Poland or Slovenia. I have contacts in both cities who are actively helping survivors, families and anyone in need. 

I am also part of a group of volunteers who are trying to coordinate safe passage for those that are able. 

What kind of contacts do you maintain in Ukraine? 

UPDATE: now coordinating between Kharkiv refugees in transit and Jewish organizations across the border providing aid


Direct contact with founder of Kharkiv Sumskaya 45 Jewish community network, Rabbi Shlomo Asraf

Part of the Kharkov Jewish community group for requests of aid and assistance, including:

Direct contact with Habad of Kharkiv

Active contacts in need of assistance include friends currently sheltering in place. Elderly relatives, survivors, and immediate family members of friends and community members. Friends who are in transit or have already crossed the border into Poland and are in the process of migrating to safety.


Direct active contacts have a network of holocaust survivors currently homebound and in need of assistance. In addition, they are providing aid to young families with children who are also homebound and are in need of food, water, essentials and medical supplies. 

Additional contacts include friends who are stuck in Kiev, or those who have fled Kiev to surrounding areas and those who are in transit.


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158 Supporters

103% of $30,000 goal

Sarah Brodsky