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International Red Panda Day 2020

Plant A Red Panda Home!


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Schedule of virtual live chats (watch them here or on Red Panda Network's Facebook page):

Friday, September 18th 
5:30 PM PT Melbourne Zoo, Parkville, Australia
9:40 PM PT  - Omuta City Zoo, Omuta, Fukuoka, Japan

Saturday, September 19th 
6:00 AM PT - Nordens Ark, Hunnebostrand, Sweden
7:00 AM PT - Paradise Park, Cornwall, Hayle, England
10:00 AM PT - John Ball Zoo, Grand Rapids, Michigan,United States
11:00 AM PT - Akron Zoo, Akron, Ohio, United States 
12:00 PM PT - San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California, United States 

See the schedule in your time zone!

IRPD 2020 celebrations are happening all over the world. Check them out!


​Thank you to our International Red Panda Day (IRPD) 2020 business sponsors!

Some of the live chats have been moved to the First Panda Forum

Friday, September 11th 
11 PM PT - Red panda collar study in Nepal with Rotterdam Zoo's Janno Weerman and Red Panda Network's Sonam Tashi Lama
Monday, December 1st *will also be live-streamed on this event page. 
8:30 PM PT - Plant A Red Panda Home with Red Panda Network's Ang Phuri Sherpa
TBD -  The Firefox Guardian with filmmaker Gunjan Menon
TBD -  Red Panda: Biology and Conservation of the First Panda with author and RPN board member Angela Glaston

We need your help to continue to build momentum and support for this important day of education and celebration of the first panda. Here's how:

Start A Fundraiser - click on the 'Fundraise' button at the top of the page to start a campaign in minutes. Check out our IRPD 2020 fundraising toolkit for everything you need to fundraise for Plant A Red Panda Home. And thanks to a team of awesome donors, all campaign gifts are matched 1:1 up to $3,000!

Become a Red Panda Ranger - This is a fun and educational opportunity for kids to help us raise red panda awareness They will receive a badge for every level they complete and an official certificate when they finish all five levels! 

Spread The Word - tell your friends and family on social media why you love red pandas and why you are celebrating IRPD 2020! Include a fact banner in our post and include these hashtags: #IRPD2020 #PlantAHome 

Sponsor The Event - does your business want to support IRPD and offset your carbon footprint? Email Terrance Fleming, Development Manager, at [email protected] for more information or learn more about this opportunity here.

Need more inspiration for IRPD outreach? Learn about red pandas on our facts webpage or factsheet or read 12 Ways Red Pandas Are Unique (and Cute!)

All funds raised will support Red Panda Network's Plant A Red Panda Home initiative:


This campaign will support the government of Nepal’s ambitious plan of planting 50 million trees in 2019-2020 as part of a nationwide campaign dubbed the “Year of Plantation”. It also aligns with Nepal’s five-year (2019-2023) Red Panda Conservation Action Plan's habitat restoration objectives.

Support Plant A Red Panda Home by giving today at top of page or learn more about this campaign.

Other IRPD 2020 celebrations

Brasov Zoo

We're going to celebrate International Red Panda Day the whole weekend (18 - 20 September). During these three days, we will be in front of our pandas' enclosure and will offer to the visitors all kinds of info about this species and raise awareness about conservation efforts.
Connaître et Protéger le Panda Roux 
Lee Richardson Zoo
We will be having a few social distancing events on site. We are going to be doing a live keeper chat, reading a book for story time as well as providing a take home craft kit. Our volunteers will be hosting a discovery cart. We will also be featuring Red Panda videos on our social media. 
Le Pal
Ménagerie, le zoo du Jardin des Plantes 
Monde Sauvage Safari Parc

Our institution is organising an entire weekend dedicated to Red Pandas. Keepers and veterinarians will be present to raise awareness and talk about Monde Sauvage's red pandas.
A large choice of red panda gifts will be available and the entire collected sum (costs + profits) will be donated to Red Panda Network in support of their conservation efforts on the field.
Parc animalier de Sainte-Croix
- September 5 & 6
Parc de Clères
Parc zoologique de Bordeaux Pessac

Parc Zoologique et Botanique de Mulhouse

Parc zoologique de Saint-Martin-la-Plaine 
- October 3 & 4
Poznań ZOO

Educational speech, Q&A with zookeeper and special sweet feeding of our two male pandas: Aki & Toshi.
Find us next to the red panda enclosure at Saturday, September 19th for International Red Panda Day IRPD in Poznań ZOO (Poland). 
More info on Facebook

Scovill Zoo

September 19th we will have a raffle for red panda art. Coloring , learning and information station.
Seneca Park Zoo

A week of events onsite at the zoo and at home for our zoo guests to act on behalf of Red Pandas, and support the Red Panda Network.
Società Zoologica di Pistoia Srl

We are planning to organize awareness activities at Pistoia Zoo, such as a "red panda treasure hunt". 
Rosamond Gifford Zoo (RGZ AAZK)

Join us for a week of Panda-monium leading up to our first virtual Red Panda day! We will be giving you the scoop on the Rosamond Gifford Zoo’s Red Pandas, teaching you all about what makes Red Pandas such a cool and unique species as well as promoting the Red Panda Network, a conservation organization, which is actively saving Red Pandas in their Himalayan habitat! Stay tuned to the Panda-monium on facebook this week to watch one of our Red Pandas paint a masterpiece, which will be raffled of to benefit the Red Panda Network!
Toronto Zoo

Touroparc Zoo

Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School

Come to the Trevor Zoo this weekend - September 18th, 19th & 20th as we celebrate the 11th International Red Panda Day.

Make your reservation at http://www.trevorzoo.org and you will be automatically entered to win prizes in our Red Panda Raffle! Prizes include a Trevor Zoo Premium Membership, Jumbo Red Panda Plushie, and more!

We also have free Red Panda activity booklets for young children.

Come see Red Pandas Berry and Zhu!

Winners will be chosen by random and notified in person or by phone and e-mail. There will be one drawing for each prize.
Utica Zoo

Wagor International School of Excellence

Wildlife Safari

We will be doing an 11:00am PST Facebook live with our red pandas!
Zoo d'Amiens

Zoo De La Boissière Du Doré - September 26 & 27

We will be hosting a Facebook live on ZooMontana's page from inside our Red Panda habitat with their zookeeper to talk all about red pandas and why they are important! Our #mammalmondays posts on Facebook for the whole month of September are about Red Pandas, and we will also have a table with info and take home activity sheets for the public.
Zooparc de Trégomeur


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Campaign Ended


194 Supporters

120% of $10,000 goal

Red Panda Network