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Campaign Ended


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Raising funds to continue our work in Ukraine

Introducing Igor


Igor Tracz is a legend in the world of dog sled racing. But ever since the war in Ukraine began, his life has changed. Igor and his team have been traveling into Ukraine to save as many animals as they can. So far they have transported over 60 tons of food and goods, evacuated 60 women and children and about 250 dogs and cats. They bring desperately needed food and medical supplies into Ukraine, and return back to Poland with dogs, cats and people, helping all get to safety. "Someone has to help them.”

He and his friends travel hundreds of kilometers into Ukraine. Their vehicles have special trailers for transporting dogs, and are equipped with heating and air conditioning. And as a lot of the animals are in dire conditions, for some, this can be a necessity for safe transport.

Since the start of the war he has sent 13 convoys into Ukraine. Right now, he is preparing convoy number 14... and he needs your help!


Igor's focus project:'Droog' Shelter in Oleksandriia, Ukraine.

He is working together with local shelter volunteer Tatyana Mendikovskaya. She says:

"Our shelter is in desperate need of all types of improvements. Our dogs currently do not have access to a clean and steady water supply, our kennels urgently need reconstructing and we urgently require medical supplies and other everyday items for those in our care. We desperately need the funds to help us continue to provide for the abandoned and mistreated animals. This war has made our already difficult task almost impossible."

Tatyana goes on to explain:

"This is how we get water for the shelter. We take the bottles, we get the water either at Stas' home, or my home, and we bring it to the shelter so that the dogs can drink normal water.

There's no normal water supply at the shelter. There is a well, but all the water there is really polluted. The dogs cannot drink it, it is not safe for their health.

Last night, we brought about 200 liters. Today we brought about 95 liters. And now... we came here to get some more water and bring it to the shelter. The dogs eat dry food now and they need a lot more water. And it's getting hotter, so they're drinking a lot of water.

We desperately need a water supply at the shelter. It takes a lot of time, which we really don't have, to get the water all the time and bring it to the shelter in these bottles."

To witness your donations in action, see below 👇🏼

and check out Igor’s Facebook and Instagram.


Igor explaining how your donations will be used to support their transport needs:


Call To Rise

Now, Igor needs your help to continue this amazing work! Please consider giving, because the animals of Ukraine need your help.

By helping Igor and his team, you directly contribute to feeding strays and shelter dogs and cats all across Ukraine. You're also helping him to plan more evacuation missions in the very near future and to continue giving aid to Droog Shelter in Oleksandriia.

We truly appreciate any and all forms of support. If you are not able to give right now, we would love it if you could share this link, or follow him on socials. Thank you! 💙💛🐕🐈


Food getting to where it’s really bad! Kyiv region (Welyka Dymyrka village)


"You don’t need to have the best soldiers on the team, but you need to create conditions like this to bring out the best from those who have the best." 
In the 40+ days since the war began, we have built an amazing team of people who wave on similar waves, can act quickly and react to changes, people who know what they want and why. This mix of different characters, personalities, different professions and specialties works perfectly.

There are those who drive to Ukraine, don’t sleep, drive again, pack, unload, take care of dogs, take care of their wounds, help refugees.... look at how different we are.

- Żaneta, Santa, Matthew, neighbors run a construction company
- Agnieszka, head of our sports club, gray eminence of operations
- Bartek - previously a city climber and a company owner from cannabis and CBD
- Oskar - a player in our club, a professional driver
- Andrzej - rally driver, traveler
- Peter - amateur collar
- Marcin and Ola - the owners of the campsites
- Adam Van Bendler - funny, stand up
- Marcin - professional driver, paramedic
- Anna Markowska model, winner top model
- Paulina - Head of the Event Agency
- Maciej, amateur cyclist, heroshop owner
- Arek - we met on the climbing wall, great driver
- Seba owner and lover of a few Tesla and Huskies
- Piotr Benewiat coach of the best Polish athletes
- wizard dj Kamil
- Mask - Traveler
- Aneta - a rescue dog guide
- Malgosia - the vet doctor
- Kasia - Veterinary Technician
- Adam’s next door neighbor
- Rafał the husband of Ukraine
- Oleg and Natasza - Ukrainians
- “Adam” was the former Gdańsk Township Director

In addition, we have media support from Adam Nergal Darski and Abelard Giza 🙏💪🏼 as well as from your side, those who can’t be there, can’t go there.. All support counts, even those in likes and shares, because that’s how word gets out about our mission...



"Hey, it's me Jenny :) the woman who decided to put this fundraiser together. I want to say Thank You! It means the world to me that you looked over this page, and for Igor and his team of volunteers to trust in me to help raise money for our mission. We simply must keep the wheels on the road. That means we need your support and love to keep this peace train moving in the evacuation of all Beings from the war zone. Daily updates on Igor's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/IgorT...) with video and photos of our convoy's, so you get to see your donations in action!"

Organizer Jenny Test, a professional dog trainer for more than 25 years, is the founder and operator of Dog Grrl Dog Training & Pet Care. Due to a chronic illness Jenny is not currently able to be on the ground in Ukraine but she recognized the desperate need for assistance and wanted to help. Jenny got connected with Igor and his team shortly after the war began and started working on fundraising efforts for his mission.

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Campaign Ended

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Campaign Ended


73 Supporters

4% of $150,000 goal

Jenny Test for Igor Tracz