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3% of $4,000 goal

Sparking Hope for New Leads Fundraiser

Our goal is to help raise funds for cases that do not qualify for current available grant money, like Tabetha Ann (Slain) Murlin. There are thousands of unidentified people just like her, that we would love to help bring home.

They aren't forgotten by the agencies, they aren't forgotten by the families. But, due to lack of funding for Investigative Genetic Genealogy, their cases are still awaiting resolution.

Let's help the agencies receive the funds necessary for lab work and upload fees. Our special focus is on women and children that did not die of obvious or clear homicides. We want to help bring these unidentified people back home to their families. Allowing the families to properly mourn their loved ones and put them to rest. 

Organized by IGGnite DNA, LLC