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Protecting our protectors! Help defend Sheriff Troyer from political attacks by the Governor, Attorney General, and woke leftist crowd.!


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Sheriff Ed Troyer has been a dedicated law enforcement official for decades and he needs our donations! 


He is being pursued by the most corrupt state attorney general in the Country, Bob Ferguson in an entirely political attack. 

Sheriff Troyer didn't shoot anyone; he didn't put hands on anyone; Troyer didn't arrest anyone. Sheriff Troyer called the police on a suspicious vehicle.  Who was in the vehicle you ask?  

Only a convicted felon with an active warrant out for his arrest!

Regardless, it seems clear that Ferguson intends to use a woke media, race-bating, and our taxpayer dollars to threaten Sheriff Troyer's career.  Using the limitless budget of the State, Ferguson is has the ability to bankrupt our Sheriff.  


What's more, for the first time in their history, the Pierce County Council, led by a Democrat majority, is making a public official pay for his own legal defense.  In other words, Sheriff Troyer must defend himself.  But, he is not alone!

Ed has already spent $15,000 defending himself.  Please help Sheriff Troyer defend himself and defend the position of elected Sheriff from attack!  We are stronger together.

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30 supporters

$75,000 goal

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