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A Look Into The Homelessness and Displacement of Veterans
Over 37,000 Veterans are homeless tonight; sleeping in shelters, on the streets, in homeless camps, or under bridges. Another 22 Veterans will commit suicide by the end of the day. Widely not talked about is that one million, 400 thousand Veterans are at risk of becoming homeless.

These are staggering numbers representing the lives of men and women who gave it all for our freedoms. There is nothing that’ll push these numbers higher than a natural disaster. Even before a hurricane strikes, many of our Veterans are struggling. Over 252,000 Veterans live below the poverty line. The unemployment rate among Veterans is 3.2%, and more than 600,000 Veterans pay more than half their income on rent or housing expenses. This campaign puts your dollars into the hands, bellies, and homes of Veterans most at risk. Please take this campaign seriously. Share this with your friends. Spread the word that Veterans need our help, and encourage them to donate. Why? Because they served us. Now it is time to serve them.

Our Personal Insights | 2020

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10 supporters

$25,000 goal

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