2022 Children's Day Outreach

Help us to encourage the children and families of La Cuesta this upcoming holiday!


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Children’s Day Outreach 2022!

In Honduras, September 10th is a nationwide holiday all about children. Children’s Day is pretty close to what you can imagine: a day filled with food, candy, pinatas, and gifts. Communities gather in parks or schools to celebrate the kids in the area with games, food, and other activities.

Around La Union, there are approximately 20 aldeas (Honduran for small villages). Our goal for Children’s Day this September is to help celebrate children in La Cuesta. This aldea is an underserved and often overlooked aldea that has roughly 60 kids. We are partnering with the community to help celebrate the children of their community. We plan on having yummy, hearty meals, pinatas full of candy, and backpacks filled with school supplies and a gift. During the celebration we will have a speaker share about God and education.

Our goal can be boiled down to this: empowering to empower. How does celebrating the children of La Cuesta empower? This outreach gives the kids a day to be valued, cherished, and seen like never before; all the while giving them a chance to just be kids. The backpacks help encourage the kids and families to stay in school. These messages will be reinforced through our small program we will give.

Furthermore, this also creates the opportunity for us to learn more in depth about the needs of the community and can lead to future outreaches that can involve targeted programs to help the community to building projects in the future.

The coolest part about this is who will be serving to make this possible! Alejandra and our women’s ministry are leading this endeavor on the ground. So not only is this a chance for the kids to be celebrated, but this is the first outreach for our women’s ministry! Talk about walking the talk!



10 Supporters

100% of $2,000 goal

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