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We are KIOO Project.

Our goal is for every girl and boy in the world to discover they are equals.

According to the World Bank, gender inequality is the single greatest barrier to national economic development. So we're changing gender dynamics in economically-challenged communities through photography.

We teach photography to girls who, in turn, teach photography to boys. Girls build self-confidence and leadership skills, while boys recognize the leadership ability of girls and see them as equals.

We've worked with children in Haiti, Kenya, India, Uganda, Ethiopia and even Brooklyn, New York. The moments they captured through the lens astound us.


Photographs taken by students in our KIOO India workshop.

Where KIOO is going next.

This fall, we are focusing our lens on Nepal. In partnership with Kids of Kathmandu, our team will host a 10-day workshop with young girls and boys in Kathmandu, Nepal. During the first week, girls will learn different photographic techniques, like rule of thirds and leading lines. In the second week, boys will join the workshop to learn photography from a special group of newly-minted teachers—the girls!

This unique journey ensures that both girls and boys experience the rewards of an arts education. Girls develop valuable leadership and presentation skills along with the confidence to become active agents of change in their own lives and communities. Boys understand the value and worth of girls in their community by learning a new skill from them. At the end of the two weeks, a gallery show exhibiting the students’ work will present the local community with an opportunity to celebrate the creativity and accomplishments of these budding photographers.

All the camera and printing equipment we bring to Nepal will remain with our local partner, who will continue to work with our students in teaching more gender-based photography assignments over the following 12 months.


Photographs taken by students in our KIOO Ethiopia workshop.

How you can help.

The estimated cost of bringing a KIOO workshop to Nepal and creating a long-term photography program is $30,000. And there's lots of ways you can get involved!

  • If you'll be in NYC in July, buy a ticket to our fundraiser party!
  • Whether you can party with us in person or not, you can definitely donate via the button at the top of this page!
  • Make some noise about KIOO Nepal by sharing this campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn!

Your generosity will put cameras into the hands of young people, create young female leaders and help boys discover they too can benefit from gender equality.

And that's pretty incredible.


Photographs taken by students in our KIOO Uganda workshop.

Thank you, धन्यवाद, gracias, asante!



106 supporters

$30,000 goal

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EIN 46-1839375