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Knock Knock Give a Sock!

Humanizing Homelessness One Sock at a Time!


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Knock Knock Give a Sock's mission is to humanize homelessness one sock at a time. In addition to collecting socks for those in need and hiring people living in homeless shelters to help distribute the socks, they also raise awareness about who the homeless are. They humanize homelessness one sock at a time by turning transactions (collecting socks) into interactions (Meet Your Neighbor Events).

KKGS does this through 4 different pillars:

1) Engage a company/community in hosting a sock drive and hiring neighbors living in shelters to help us distribute them!

2) Offer a company or community the opportunity to host a ‘Meet Your Neighbors Dinner’ bringing together employees and our neighbors living in shelters together to have dinner side-by-side.

3) Offer a company or community the opportunity to sponsor a Holiday carnival in NYC for over 450 children living in homeless shelters; OR Partner with us for our WoodSOCK Music festival bringing artists living in homes and in local shelters to perform on stage side-by-side.

4) Educate kids on how they can make a difference in their neighborhood through our Pair of Books Project: We wrote a set of children's books on homelessness and run education programs for youth and how they can make an impact.


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Knock Knock Give a Sock

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 47-2835516