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Fresno Ideaworks, established in 2012 in downtown Fresno, California, is a source of a myriad of tools and creative opportunity. But, like makers everywhere, we also value our friendships, collaborative projects, the comfort of our "third space", and the therapeutic value of getting our hands dirty as we mold clay, wood, metal, textiles, electronics, or plastics into something new and wonderful. Over eight years Fresno Ideaworks has grown from a small group of friendly hackers into a community workshop full of curious and creative people, eager to learn and hone new skills and share them with anyone who comes through our doors. 

After 16 months of uncertainty and hard work we are thrilled to say that we are still here! Like so many small business we've had real losses during the COVID19 pandemic, but also real gains. More importantly we've seen the proof of the need for a non-profit makerspace in downtown Fresno. When our supporters didn't have cash to give, they sent messages of love and support. We received incredible donations of new tools to enhance our shops and studios. We welcomed new members and volunteers. And we never stopped planning for the future, trusting that passion and hard work would enable us to open our doors again to the artists, builders, innovators and inventors of the Central Valley of California.

Where we are falling short is moving forward with the facility upgrades that will enable us to welcome more members with a greater diversity of skills and abilities. Maintaining a historic building is already a huge challenge (one we makers welcome), but opening the whole structure to more makers will require the help of angels that embrace our mission. Can you help us meet the challenge of opening up more space to more makers?

Welding instructor with young student

Downtown Fresno, and our Cultural Arts District neighborhood in particular, have suffered the adversity of economic downturn for several decades now. Ideaworks is relentlessly dedicated to being part of the growth of both the economic health of the neighborhood, and, through skill-building and fellowship, part of the economic and emotional well-being of everyone who comes through our doors.

Please help however you can. And thank you, in advance, from all of us at Fresno Ideaworks.

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Share Fundraiser


25 Supporters

1% of $200,000 goal

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