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Since the founding of the Oblates of St. Augustine in July 2020, we monastics have been able to sustain our life of prayer, study, and catechesis thanks to the generosity of our benefactors.

The building we have been lent, however, is unable to meet the local fire code because the fire suppression system over the stove is out of date by at least a decade.

This means that it is illegal for us to use anything other than a microwave or convention oven to cook our meals. No stove, and no hot plates.

In the spirit of our mendicancy, we are begging alms from our supporters to help us replace the fire suppression system so that we may use the stove to cook meals for the Brothers and the young men that will come visit us for vocational discernment.

The estimate we received for the job is $2,500.

For our benefactors, we offer Mass weekly, as well as pray the Augustinian Office of Serotina daily.

May Our Lady of Consolation, our holy father St. Augustine, and our holy mother St. Monica intercede on your behalf for your generosity.

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56 supporters

$2,500 goal

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