School Development and Expansion Campaign 2021-2022

Partner with us in building the first Kijana Global Innovation School


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We continue to build our first Kijana Global Innovation School

Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative has been expanding educational opportunities in Kenya since 2003 and has assisted over 30 schools, including the complete revival of Mwituha Secondary School, in Bunyore, which now educates over 500 students. Additionally, through Kijana and Kijana President, James Cummings, over 50 Americans have visited western Kenya and several Kenyans have visited the United States. Numerous students have entered the Kenyan University system as a direct result of Kijana's investments in schools and newfound opportunities are emerging for all. We opened in January of 2020, with 15 pre-primary and primary students. In January of 2021, 54 students joined us as we reopened. Over 130 curious academic environmental explorers learn at the school now. Soon, we will be able to accommodate 250-300 students comfortably. We expect enrollment to expand to 500 students within three years. We need your help in continuing with the physical development of the school to provide for our growing school population.


You can be part of an amazing development which will expand and enrich educational and economic opportunity for not just the students, but their families and communities for decades.

Join us today. Your tax-deductible gift will be a blessing to multitudes.

Thank you very much.



216 Supporters

86% of $700,000 goal

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