Kijana Library and Media Center Campaign 2022

Join us in building a world class library/media center at the Kijana Global Innovation School in Sabatia-Butere, Kenya.


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In 2022, Kijana is launching the next major campaign to raise funds to construct an amazing new library/media center. We are fortunate to have been provided with the pro bono architectural partnership of New York City architects, Harpreet Dhaliwal and Christopher Dameron. The two have been part of many collaborative sessions with our local team, including our longstanding Kijana team architect and contractor, Jeremiah Awori, on the ground and plan to visit Kenya in February for a preliminary scouting and exploration of the school and region. We envision developing a world-class structure, which will be a model for creative discovery and innovation long into the future. The KIjana Global Innovation School library/media center will also be a place which will host international students, educators and others to develop a true international collaborative environment. This is an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind place for global exploration, designed and developed in an international joint effort.

Jeremiah Awori, pictured below:



Christopher Dameron (Dameron Architects) and Harpreet Dhaliwal, (BKSK Architects)

Kijana's new library/media center/amphitheater collaboration continues. Harpreet Dhaliwal and Christopher Dameron are back in New York and Jeremiah Awori is in Kenya collaborating through global technology. The larger library development team continues to work as well. We are planning future fundraising events and aim to break ground in September of this year on the amazing collaborative building which will change lives long into the future.


Above: Architectural Team Members (seated left to right): Christopher Dameron, Harpreet Dhaliwal and Jeremiah Awori

The following are images of the most recent site plan and library/media center plan.


The Dhaliwal/Dameron architectural team is providing their time and services pro-bono. It is estimated that the value of their time and skills and advice over the time of the project from start to finish will be $250,000. Your money will be well-spent as it will go toward construction and development and furnishing and staffing of the library. Relationship building is paying dividends.

Help us build stronger global relationships for decades.



39 Supporters

4% of $500,000 goal

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