Distance-cook with friends, eat tasty food, and give back — what's not to love? 


  1. Sign-up for a rodeo
    Most classes are free to attend, with a suggested donation per head. 100% of proceeds from each event go to the cause of the host’s choice.
  2. Gather ingredients
    The easy(ish) part! Everything you need is listed on the event page.
  3. Join the rodeo
    The class is hosted video-chat style in real-time with the chef, baker, cook, etc. We’ve been using Zoom so far (no account needed).
  4. Cook together, ask questions, and have fun!
    The best part of the class is struggling together!
  5. Proceeds go to good causes
    Other folks benefit because you supported a good cause—and that’s what this is really all about!

Kitchen Rodeo